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Additional items voted on by the membership were:


Additional items voted on by the membership were:
It was also announced to the membership present that it had been proposed to replace the Utah VHF Society Bylaws with updated instruments - See the next item, below.


For many repeaters, not all of this information is available so if you can supply missing or updated information about a particular repeater, or if you have comments about how the information is presented on these pages, please contact the frequency coordinator with that information.  Please note that work on these pages continues, so the format and layout may change slightly over time.




2001 and earlier

Purpose of this page:
The intent of this page is to keep the UVHFS membership, and the Amateur Radio community in general, apprised of various changes.  Changes within the purview of this document include, but are not limited to: If you have an item that you feel should be added, please direct it to the email address below.

The organization of this page:  This pages is organized as a register - that is, the most recent items are at the top, proceeding backwards chronologically as one goes down the page.  Older items are not generally edited or except to correct gross typographical or factual errors:  Updates are added as new items at the top and old items will be deleted as deemed necessary to maintain a manageable page size.  The source or general nature of the item is noted at the beginning of the entry in bold type.

Please note that some of the issues discussed are rather technical in nature and/or detail information that is not normally made public (e.g. certain link frequencies, etc.) and because of this - and space constraints - some of the above descriptions are abbreviated in terms of details.  If you have any questions about what appears above, please feel free to direct questions to the email address listed below.

A complete list of all known Utah repeaters is online here.

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