The Utah VHF Society

The following repeaters are aligned with or owned by the Utah VHF Society:

Output  Freq. Input Freq.  Subaudible  Tone (Hz) Nearby City (Repeater Location) Affiliated Organization
145.210 144.610 None Salt Lake City (State Capitol) Utah VHF Society
145.270 ~
144.670 103.5 Levan Peak Utah VHF Society
145.350 144.750 100.0 Murray, Ut.  (HF remote base)
Utah VHF Society
146.700 146.100 100.0
Salt Lake City (Ensign Peak) ARES
146.720 146.120 103.5 # Logan (Mt. Logan) Bridgerland A.R.C.
146.800 ~
146.200 100.0 Kanab/Panguitch (Blowhard Peak) Utah VHF Society
146.820 ~
146.220 100.0 St. George (Utah Hill) Dixie A.R.C.
146.820 146.220 123.0 Ogden (Mt. Ogden - Peak) OARC
146.840 ~
Monroe (Monroe Peak)
Utah VHF Society
146.860 ~
146.260 100.0 Evanston, WY (Medicine Butte) Utah VHF Society
146.880 146.280 100.0 Salt Lake Community College
Utah VHF Society
146.900 146.300 DCS 122 Ogden (Little Mountain) OARC
146.940 146.340 88.5 Salt Lake City (Farnsworth Peak) Utah VHF Society
146.940 ~
146.340 100.0 Cedar City (Frisco Peak) Rainbow Canyons A.R.C.
146.960 % 146.360
Page, AZ  (Navajo Mtn.)
Utah VHF Society
147.040 147.740 123.0 Farmington (Antelope Island) Davis County A.R.C.
147.060 147.660 None Salt Lake City (State Capitol) Utah VHF Society
147.120 ~
147.720 100.0 Salt Lake City (Farnsworth Peak) Utah VHF Society
147.180 ~
147.780 100.0 Snowbird Tram  (Hidden Peak) Utah VHF Society
147.200 147.800 100.0 Heber City (N. of town) High Valley Amateur Radio Club
448.600 ~
Page, AZ  (Navajo Mtn.)
Utah VHF Society
449.900 444.900 100.0 Off-air:  Being relocated to SLCC


The provisions of alignment of a repeater to the Utah VHF Society may be found in the  Utah VHF Society Bylaws.  Please note that "alignment" only refers to those repeaters not owned by the VHF society.  (In other words, UVHFS-owned repeaters need not be "aligned.")

Note:  The list of recent UVHFS transactions has been moved to the UVHFS Transaction Register page.  Please update your bookmarks as appropriate.

A complete list of all known Utah repeaters is online here.

If you are a frequent user of a repeater, it is requested that you also support the group that sponsors that repeater.

A few comments on alignment and UVHFS support:

  • The Utah VHF Society exists to help any bona-fide group anywhere in Utah support/maintain their VHF/UHF repeaters - and this help may be financial and/or technical in nature.  The Utah VHF Society is not intended to just be a "Wasatch Front" or "Metro Area" organization - but if we never hear from some of the more distant clubs, we really can't help them!  In other words, if your group wishes to have the UVHFS help in some projects, please ask!
  • Being that a repeater/group cannot be "aligned" or "de-aligned" except by vote of a quorum of membership of the Utah VHF Society, if there is no request made to align or de-align a repeater, it will not be done!  For more information please contact a UVHFS Officer. Provisions for alignment may be found in the UVHFS Bylaws.
  • Under certain circumstances, the UVHFS may provide assistance to non-aligned groups who, due to circumstances beyond their control, require immediate assistance in order to restore service to their members.  Such an instance is described here.
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