Proposed Repeaters

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The following repeaters have been proposed and conditionally been given coordination according to UVHFS rules.

Freq. Location Area Site Name Call Last
§ 145.25() Ogden WasFrnt Rocky Point WA7VHF 44811
§ 145.35() Morgan WasFrnt Morgan TV Site WA7VHF 44811
§ 146.68() Layton WasFrnt Layton WA7VHF 44811
§ 147.34(+) Zions Park Southwest West Temple Zions Park W7DRC 44530
§ 224.00() Salt Lake Valley WasFrnt Brighton High School KA7EGC 44810
§ 224.84() Payson WasFrnt West Mtn. K7UVA 44522
§ 445.900() Eagle Mtn WasFrnt QTH Eagle Mtn K7RCZ 44750
§ 447.550() Sandy WasFrnt K7JL QTH W7JHL 44615
§ 447.8125() Fairview Central Fairview W7XDX 44753
§ 449.025() Salt Lake WasFrnt Farnsworth Pk WA7VHF 44811
§ 449.100() Salt Lake WasFrnt Farnsworth Pk KA7OEI 44244
§ 449.125() Salt Lake WasFrnt Farnsworth Pk WA7VHF 44811
§ 449.150() Evanston , WY Northeast Medicine Butte K7JL 44811

Proposed Repeaters With Expiring Coordination

The following repeaters have been proposed and conditionally been given coordination according to UVHFS rules. However it has been more than six months since coordination or the last update to the frequency coordinator (shown in the “Last Update Date” field).

Freq. Location Area Site Name Call Last
§ 53.07 Taylorsville WasFrnt 5390 South Appian Dr KF7KGN 12/18/2018
§ 447.9625() Salt Lake WasFrnt Butterfield Peak W7XDX 02/24/2021

*Last Update Date: The date when the frequency coordinator last received notification about the status of the proposed repeater.

Owners or trustees appearing on this list should contact the frequency coordinator and let him know their plans and expected on-air dates.


The above listing shows those repeaters that have been proposed for future operation.  These future repeaters have been granted conditional coordination in accordance with UVHFS rules.  The status of conditional coordination is granted on the following conditions:

Other Listings:

-Main listing Repeaters that are believed to be on the air
-Temporarily off the air   The operators of these repeaters have properly notified the frequency coordinator of their status.
-Unknown status Anyone with information about these repeaters should contact the Frequency Coordinator.

Remember: Just because a frequency doesn't appear on the list, it does not mean that the frequency is not used! Frequencies used for control and linking purposes (to name just two examples) are not made public!

Explanation of the abbreviations used in the Info column:

Explanation of abbreviations used in the Sponsor column:

/VHFS Aligned with the Utah VHF Society
ARI Amateur Radio, Incorporated 
BARC Bridgerland Amateur Radio Club (Logan)
BARC Borderline Amateur Radio Club (Vernal)
CSERG Community Service Emergency Radio Group (Clearfield)
DARC Dixie Amateur Radio Club (St. George)
DARS Deseret Amateur Radio Society
DCARC Davis County Amateur Radio Club
EARC Elko Amateur Radio Club
ERRS Emergency Radio Response System (now known as ERC)
ExPost1973 Explorer Post #1973 (Orem)
GCWA Glen Canyon Wireless Association (Page, AZ)
GMRA Grand Mesa Repeater Association (Grand Junction, CO)
IREAN Intermountain Repeater Emergency Amateur Network
LPARG Lake Powell Amateur Radio Group
MARA Mercury Amateur Radio Association
OARC Ogden Amateur Radio Club
RMRA Rocky Mountain Radio Association
SDARC Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club (Carbon, Emery, Grand Counties)
SLCOARES Salt Lake County Amateur Radio Emergency Service
SLPEAKARC   Salt Lake Peaks Amateur Radio Club
SNP Shared -- Non-protected
TCARES Tooele County Amateur Radio Emergency Service
TCARS Tooele County Amateur Radio Society
UARC Utah Amateur Radio Club
UCRC Utah County Radio Club (now UHDARC)
UHDARC Utah High Desert Amateur Radio Club (Utah County)
UTCOARES Utah County Amateur Radio Emergency Service
UVARC Utah Valley Amateur Radio Club
UVHFS Utah VHF Society (statewide)
UVRMC Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
UVU Utah Valley University
YOUARK Affiliated with but not quite the same as UARC

This list is generated automatically from the Utah VHF Society Frequency Coordinator's database and is, by definition, the authoritative, up-to-date list.  This list also includes a few repeaters in adjacent states that, for purposes of frequency coordination, must be taken into account, owing to their potential impacts to Utah amateurs (signals do cross state lines - even on VHF!)  For more information about the how and why of Frequency Coordination, visit the UVHFS Frequency Coordination Page. If you operate a system that is shown incorrectly, then that means that you need to contact the Frequency Coordinator and get correct information to him.  This is the same data that is used in the ARRL Repeater Directory and for the UVHFS booklet!  If the information is wrong here, it will also be wrong there!

For a list of Wasatch Front Simplex Frequency Assignments, go to The Simplex Frequency Assignments page. Please read the accompanying text.

If you wish to obtain a file containing more data, a file in comma-delimited format is available here.

If you  have any suggestions as to how this list may be improved, please send email with your suggestions, following the instructions on the feedback page.

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