147.06 MHz N7AKK Repeater
Cedar City Hospital

Repeater Access Information
Output Frequency: 147.06 MHz
Input Frequency: 147.66 MHz
Offset: +600 kHz
Open/Closed: Open
CTCSS: (None)
General Location: Cedar City
Site: Cedar City Hospital
Area: Southwest
Lat:    37.7000° N.   (37°42'00")
Lon:  113.0669° W. (113°04'01")
Elevation: 5695 ft.
Repeater Callsign: N7AKK
Sponsor: (none)
Web Site: (none)
Additional Information
ERP: 40 W
Coordinated: 31712
Info Updated:    41345 by N7AKK
Mail Address: Passed on to N7AKK moved to Cedar City Hospital 3-11-2013
  • Cedar City and nearby communities.


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