Utah VHF Society Annual Business Meeting 27 Feb 2021

On 27 Feb 2021 the Utah VHF Society held its annual meeting. Due to the Covid restrictions the officers determined that it was in everyone’s best interest to forgo our normal swap meet as a result we decided to conduct the business meeting via a Zoom Webinar. We want to thank Kevin Reeve, N7RXE, for doing all the work to set this up so that we could provide the video stream to as many members as possible.

We noted that we have 234 logins to the meeting the number may have been a little higher due to some family members using a single login.


If you did not get an email invite to the Zoom meeting - and you were a member in good standing in February, 2021, please verify with the Utah VHF Society secretary that your email address on record is current.  It is also possible that the invitation ended up in your spam or junk mail folder, in which case you might want to take steps to mark it as "not spam".

Link to Video recording:    https://drive.google.com/file/d/19Qu1QXxqLuhfwn6lokjeQ8OnHHOnmimO/view?usp=sharing

The following items were discussed

  1. Future Proposed projects:
    - Medicine Butte, WY – Repair antenna structure.
    - Camp Williams – HF Remote – complete installation and put back on the air
    - Upgrade the Malad, ID Repeater site with a new 440 repeater.
    - Install New Antenna at Blowhard
    - Install new Controller at Promontory
    - Install and Activate link to Sinbad System
    - Repair Ensign Repeater
    - Study Potential New Site in Southern Utah
    - Navajo Mtn – Investigate problem
    - Determine how to provide Intertie coverage into the Morgan, Utah area

  2. Utah VHF Society 2020 Financial report
    - First we want express the appreciation to all our members, without your support as members we would not be able to maintain and operate all the repeaters and provide support. In addition we want to express deep appreciation to those of you who have made generous donations to the repeater fund, THANK YOU.
    Last year we spent a total of $29, 282.90. $3,733.50 was spent on administrative activities, Swap meet, door prizes, postage, booklet printing, etc, the remanding $25,049.00 was spent maintaining, upgrading and supporting repeater operations. A complete financial report will be published in our annual booklet that will be mail out next month.

  3. Efforts to update repeater database status throughout Utah
    - The officers of the Society are intensifying our efforts to update the repeater records that are maintained by our frequency coordinator, John Lloyd, K7JL. We desire to make them as accurate as possible. If you are a trustee or repeater sponsor we will be requesting an update on the info for any repeater(s) you are responsible for.
    - Member assistance would help. If you notice a repeater that is not functioning properly or off the air please send the officers a report.

  4. Utah VHF Society Annual Election

Prize Winners

  1. Kenwood TM-V71 N5JLE Paul Barber Layton, Ut

  2. Yeasu FTM-7250 KI7SLN Chad Connor Bountiful

  3. Yeasu FTM-7250 WA7AHY Kent Gardner Ogden

  4. Yeasu FT-65R AA7XK William Thorup West

  5. Yeasu FT-65R N7GVA

  6. Yeasu FT-65R WN7F Jon Lockwood

  7. Yeasu FT-65R AD7GL

  8. ARRL 2020 Handbook KG7ASA Roger Strong

  9. ARRL 2020 Handbook K1OWA Jenny Fluke

We want to again thank all our Society members for their membership and support. We also have received a number of very positive comments and suggestions concerning the meeting and are making plans to hold similar meetings at least every year so the business part of our meetings is available to more of our members. We have already reserved the facility in Farmington for the swap meet in 2021. We hope we can all get together by then and have an enjoyable day with each other.

Utah VHF Society Officers

Mel Parkes, NM7P (President)

Don Blanchard, WA7GTU (Vice President)

Mike Groves, KD7MG (Secretary)

Dan Fullerton, KC7RUF (treasurer)

John Loyd, K7JL (Frequency Coordinator)