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Announcing the 2017

Utah VHF Society Swap Meet

The 2017 Utah VHF Society Swap Meet will occur on  Saturday, Februrary 25, 2017 starting at 9 AM.

The swap meet will be in the same location as last year - Building #2 of the Legacy Events Center at the Davis Count Fairground.  If you are going to sell something, you may arrive as early as 8 AM and a bit of floor space (your bringing your own table - or not) will be $3.00 and $5.00 for a space with a table on a first-come, first-served basis.  You can bring your own chair, but if you want to use one of the existing chairs (quantity also limited) a donation of $1.00 will be asked.

Admission is free for paid-up Utah VHF Society members, $5.00 for non-members, $3.00 for non-members 18 years and under and free for children under 12.

Remember that your Utah VHF Society membership ends at the end of the year so you may need to "re-up" - see the web page "How to Join or Renew UVHFS Membership" (link) to find out how to do this before the swapmeet to avoid the line at the door.

For additional information - including maps and pictures - click HERE to download an informational .PDF.

See you there!

A notice to users of the ARRL Repeater Directory and the "RF Finder" app

The Utah VHF Society Frequency Coordinator has received word that the data source for the new (2017) ARRL Repeater Directory is no longer to be the repeater coordinators themselves, but the data used by "RF Finder" , an application that is popularly used on "smart phones".  This is apparently due to some sort of agreement between the ARRL and "RF Finder."

While it is a good thing to avoid what would seem to be a duplication of effort, it has been noted by many frequency coordinators that the data on the RF Finder application appears to be an odd mixture of a few relatively recent updates, a very large number of outdated entries - some as old as 20 years out of date - and a few that make absolutely no sense at all.  From a series of email exchanges with other frequency coordinators it would seem that the RF Finder folks have not made a concerted effort to contact the frequency coordinators themselves to obtain the most recent data or to solicit corrections to the data base.

If you notice that the Utah entries in the ARRL Repeater directory and/or the "RF Finder" app seem to be out of date or just wrong, please ask those in charge of RF Finder to make an effort to work with bona-fide frequency coordinators in order to get current and correct data.

An update about the Idaho portion of the Intertie System 

The Officers of the Utah VHF Society were approached by Vance Hawley, WA7FDR, to determine if it would be possible to obtain funds from Idaho hams the same way we do in Utah to help support the Idaho portion of the Intertie repeaters.  After much discussion The Utah VHF Society Officers have agreed to begin an initial effort to ask the Idaho hams who would like to support the Idaho portion of the Intertie System to join the Utah VHF Society. 

Any funds obtained through this effort or any donations we obtain  from Idaho hams
will be dedicated to Idaho Intertie System repeaters.  We would like to thank all those who attended the Hamfest in Boise who made the initial effort to kick off this project by joining the Society and making generous contributions.  Enough funds were raised via recent efforts to address some crucial needs, such as the purchase of new batteries for the Sawtell (West Yellowstone) repeater site and upgrade and maintenance for other projects.  As more funds become available additional improvements will be made to the Idaho system.

Some time down the road it may be possible for our Idaho friends to create a self supporting entity similar to the Utah VHF Society, but for now we desire to do our best to help make good things happen in Idaho!

If you want to help with this effort you may do so through the Utah VHF Socity (contact information is here).  Any funds obtained through this effort or any donations we obtain from Idaho hams will be dedicated to Idaho Intertie System repeaters.  Please mark your membership and or donations for Idaho.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact or email one of the Utah VHF Society Officers.  http://utahvhfs.org

For more details about each of the Idaho Repeater Linked System repeaters please click here http://utahvhfs.org/other_rpt.html#jumpoff

New Intertie Link into Logan/Cache Valley now active.

With the help of the Bridgerland Amateur Radio Club we now have a new link into the Logan Cache Valley Area on Mt Pisgah.  The Frequency of the new repeater is 449.650 and the tone is 100.0 Hz.  Thanks to all the folks up in Logan who work hard to help us make this happen.  This provides extra coverage to the Intertie system that many have been asking for.

UVHFS President Mel Parkes,
From the
Utah VHF Society president

Mel Parkes

Thanks to all Utah VHF Society members!

As we approach a new year I would like to let you know that we have had a very busy year and have completed many projects and helped support many groups with their repeater projects.  As your President I would like to announce that we are growing and The Society really appreciates all your support as members, we have grown to the point now where we have become the largest Amateur Radio Organization in the State of Utah, our membership is now almost at 600 members. 

I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation to all those who are members of the Society.  Thanks again and please continue to invite and encourage your fellow hams to become part of the Utah VHF Society.

If you every have any questions or concerns please let me know.  nm7p@msn.com 

Thanks to all Utah VHF Society members!

Dues increase passed for the Utah VHF Society

The officers of the Utah VHF Society voted to an increase in Dues to $15.00 per year, up from the previous $12.00.  Additional rates are $25.00 per family, and $360.00 life time.  The reasons for this are due to increases in the cost of maintaining and supporting repeaters throughout Utah.

During the last three years we have made major updates to many of the key sites in Utah and have added a few new ones this has depleted most of our reserves.  To be able to continue our repeater support and work we have determined that a modest dues increase is necessary.  Many of you may remember that many years ago we lowered our dues by $3.00 (from $15.00!) because we felt our funds were sufficient to continue our efforts at a lower dues rate.

This change was voted on and approved at the business meeting held during the 2016 Swap Meet.

Questions, updates, or comments pertaining to this web page may be directed to: uvhfs@utahvhfs.org

DO NOT SEND MEMBERSHIP QUERIES TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS!  Questions regarding your membership status may be directed to the Treasurer of the Utah VHF SocietyFor the status of your UVHFS membership, check the "How to Join or Renew" page first!

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